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Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — April 28, 2013

Hello Tim,

thanks for your unpayable job
I´ve thank you many times your help, even for all Ophthalm. I share your quality Medical relationship,
Today, I´ve thought that I´d be proud to have a collaboration with you, in the field you want to.
Sure my humor sense could be useful.
Before Opht, I was surgeon, and with all my very ill patients, a smile was appreciated,
Warm regards

Comment by Frances Josep — September 23, 2013


Comment by Dargham — December 4, 2013

Its amazing how much time and effort you put into this… thank you for doing this for us, especially the students benefit a lot from this. :)

Comment by Tasqeen Momin — December 6, 2013

Since July, 2009 I’ve had intermittent occurrences of what appears as neon lights or a kaleidoscope effect out of my left eye region.I had my retina checked, an MRI, and brain scan done; no findings of anything.

I suddenly and dramatically came down w/ severe shoulder,upper arm and hip inflammation in March, 2011.Rheumatologist diagnsed: PMR.I have been able to function and reduce inflammation dramatically w/ prednisone.

Do you have any insight on the symptoms that I am experiencing out of my left eye region? Sometimes it appears as though a mirror is melting and moving.

Comment by John Clifford — January 10, 2014

John, sounds like a migraine aura.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — January 15, 2014

Thank you Dr.Root!
its a pleasure for me to find such an interactive and highly educative lecture website..!
but i was wondering where could i find videos on binocular vision and strabismus and related tests…
may u uploaded them already and i could not find them,or u r going to upload them… becouase thats the difficult part of ophtho…where your contribution of animated lecture is much needed!
Thank you once again! :)

Comment by Sid — January 31, 2014

I’ve had Asteroid Hyalosis for 35 years, now in both eyes. It’s very annoying. Vitrectomy remains the only definitive treatment. I know the risks, but the rate of complications is hard to come by. What are the statistics for each potential complication following vitrectomy for asteroid hyalosis? P.

TIMROOT: Peter, the risk is fairly high. I would estimate about 10-15% for something happening. If you haven’t had cataract surgery yet, retinal surgery will make your cataract worse as well. For some “numbers” here is an interesting link to a research paper on this.

Comment by Peter — January 23, 2015

hi doc i got 640 posts from people on the feedback page but i had nothin since feb 28 what have i done wrong as i miss this page and check it every day thanks matt

Comment by matt griffiths — April 15, 2015

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