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The free online ophthalmology book. Focusing on basic eye knowledge and exam skills, OphthoBook has been read by students around the world and has garnered rave reviews (just read the comments on the site). You can read all the chapters online or download and print the book in its entirety. The video lectures generate much interest and are worth watching! This website pulls in over sixty thousand unique visitors a month and this traffic has been doubling every 18 months.



An online atlas of ocular findings captured at the microscope. These videos are much easier to comprehend than traditional photography, and some of the findings have never been documented with video before! RootAtlas is the largest and most popular slit-lamp “video collection” on the web. Many of the videos and photos are available for download so that other educators can insert them into their own powerpoint presentations and share this knowledge.



This is a free eye dictionary, written in “laymans terms” to describe common eye problems. Whether you are trying to understand a basic topic like macular degeneration, or decode the purpose behind your medicated eye drops, this is the resource you need. The Root Eye Dictionary (R.E.D.) is our latest project, so the finishing touches are still in progress. All of the terms are up, but the final pdf download hasn’t been edited so isn’t yet available for download or print.



This is an online podcast teaching basic eye topics. Listen to eye talk radio on your phone and on the net. Good for times when you don’t have time to sit at a computer or when you want to listen to information in the background while you work.




This is a lot of websites for one person to maintain, but I hope you find them useful!

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — May 4, 2013

i am optometry student,ophthobook is my favorite website, and your lectures!learn + interest, thanx 4 every thing doc.

Comment by sabah — August 31, 2013

Amazing & very Interesting !

Comment by Prakat256 — September 14, 2013

Thank you! The content and tutorials are really helpful! Perfect for a solid introduction to Ophthalmology during med school. Thanks!

Comment by JA — October 10, 2013

Thanks you all for sharing your best experiences and knowledges to other doctors including me who wanted to know about opthalmolo
gy properly.

Thanks you very much for your kindness.

Bye ..

Dr Zay Yar Win

Comment by drzayyarwin — December 5, 2013

thanks for sharing knowledge.
Should we use the L.A eye drops during this procedure?

Comment by Dr.Muhammad Ali Khan — January 31, 2014

Dear Sir ,

Thanks you so much.Thanks your parents , Or God whatever or whoever create you.


Comment by Zay Yar Win — February 13, 2014

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