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While the vast majority of our eye teaching is available for free … we still need to pay for bandwidth, electricity, and coffee. As such, we are offering premium printed versions of our products that can be ordered online and delivered to your door!


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Eye doctors have you confused? Have you been prescribed eye drops, but you’re unsure of their purpose? Diagnosed with an eye disease but don’t know what that means?

The Root Eye Dictionary is a book that explains complex eye terminology in understandable layman’s terms. Plus, it’s free to download (or read online by scrolling down). The printed version is available for order on amazon via the link below.


Is this the best intro ophthalmology book ever written? Well … that’s how some fans describe OphthoBook. In fact, you can read hundreds of comments from satisfied readers on this site. Here you’ll find the "free" online chapters of the book, along with video lectures that correspond to each chapter. Help support this project by buying the printed book at Amazon:



As you can see, I’m still constructing this webpage. Most (actually ALL) of my content is available for free, but i do have a few paid products. This includes OphthoBook.com which is available now on Amazon. Also, I’m finishing up my latest book, the RootEyeDictionary which has just gone live and is available for purchase.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — April 28, 2013

How can I get clnical Books as Secrete.

Comment by Horia Alansi — September 10, 2013

I’m not sure what you mean?

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — September 10, 2013

Thanks so much for your hard work, I am the program director for the only Associates degree for a C.O.T. program in Michigan. I often refer to your videos to help with my lectures and tell all my students to utilize the website. It is so rare someone offers to do this for those wanting to learn for free. I really appreciate what you are doing. Will look into purchasing the book for the class. Thanks

Comment by Kathy — September 11, 2013

A great learning tool

Comment by David Dyer — September 11, 2013

I am a COT with interest in starting a better clinic-wide training program for incoming technicians. I deeply appreciate and admire the work you have put together! It is outstanding. And the fact that it is offered free is unbelieveable. Thank you!

Comment by Sarah — September 12, 2013

Hey. Excellent work. Such nice and illustrations you have! Found you via google and im glad I did. Definately try to buy book in near future..

Comment by Jay — October 26, 2013

Do you sell your own print books or only thru Amazon? Are volume discounts available? We are thinking about purchasing 120 – 150…

Thanks for all your good work.

Comment by Mike Hartnett — January 2, 2014

The Steven Stahl of eye exam language.

Comment by Peter Frizzell — January 29, 2014

Dear Dr. Timothy Root,

When searching for practical and educative websites about ophthalmology, we found about rooteyenetwork. We are truly amazed by the content and informative character of this website. We really appreciate the work you have put in.

Kind regards,

Dr. Mehmet and Gulcin
Ophthalmology residents from Turkey

Comment by Mehmet and Gulcin — February 28, 2014

Great Stuff. Just learning to do cornea recoveries so I am trying to learn as much as possible and you and your site is fantastic say the least! really like your animation, would like to find an animation video of Insitu excision cornea recovery….any ideas or have you seen something like it????

Comment by Mike Runge — November 18, 2014

Dr. Root,

Would I be able to use some of your video content in educational publications? Specifically, Cells and Flare, rust ring removal and SVP’s. The publisher would require your permission as well as the video files. I can answer any questions you have about the pubs.

Much appreciated.

Kevin Knoop, MD

Comment by Kevin Knoop — January 29, 2015

Thank you very much for your hard work!

Comment by Ilya Makov — December 12, 2016

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