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Welcome to the R.E.N.

Welcome to the Root Eye Network.  This is an organization dedicated to improving eye education around the world. Our goal is to improve awareness of eye-threatening diseases for both patients and eye professionals alike. By teaching about the eye, we hope to improve eye care on a global level.

Why you should care!

To maximize educational “effectiveness” we utilize novel teaching approaches. Instead of boring direct mail campaigns and journal articles … we are focusing on online video lectures, free books, audio podcasts, and reaching out with social media.

The Goal:

Our goal is to teach as many people as possible with the least expenditure of money and resources. Internet publishing allows us to reach a huge population of interested students with minimal distribution costs.  Based on this goal of “maximum educational impact,” here are some of our current projects:


The free online ophthalmology book. Focusing on basic eye knowledge and exam skills, OphthoBook has been read by students around the world and has garnered rave reviews (just read the comments on the site). You can read all the chapters online or download and print the book in its entirety. The video lectures generate much interest and are worth watching! This website pulls in over forty thousand unique visitors a month and this traffic has been doubling yearly.



An online atlas of ocular findings captured at the microscope. These videos are much easier to comprehend than traditional photography, and some of the findings have never been documented with video before! RootAtlas is the largest and most popular slit-lamp “video collection” on the web. Many of the videos and photos are available for download so that other educators can insert them into their own powerpoint presentations and share this knowledge.



This is a free eye dictionary, written in “laymans terms” to describe common eye problems. Whether you are trying to understand a basic topic like macular degeneration, or decode the purpose behind your medicated eye drops, this is the resource you need. The Root Eye Dictionary (R.E.D.) is our latest project, so the finishing touches are still in progress. All of the terms are up, but the final pdf download hasn’t been edited so isn’t yet available for download or print.



This is an online podcast teaching basic eye topics. Listen to eye talk radio on your phone and on the net. Good for times when you don’t have time to sit at a computer or when you want to listen to information in the background while you work.




Thank you for visiting my website. Please leave a comment if you have questions (or just want to say hello).

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — April 28, 2013

Its a capsule of knowledge. When a book is so simple to read and understand we must appreciate the tremendous effort of the author, the master teacher. A salute for his efforts.And thank you so much.

A Medical Student,

Comment by Ramu — April 28, 2013

Thank you Ramu!

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — April 28, 2013


Comment by GERSUSA GERONIMO,O.D. — August 25, 2013

Big big thanks for your efforts ,really appreciate you talent.
Everything you produce is different and simple and very helpful
Thank you Dr. Root

Comment by Dan ,M.D — August 26, 2013

I love this website, Ophthalmic Tech graduate and this site is the BOMB!!!

Comment by Sharonda — August 26, 2013

Dear Tim,
For second time, I must give you my deepest THANK YOU for your smart contribution to trainees, where I’ll always belong!!
And thanks for that kind of humor sense, that we all allways need

Comment by Josep — August 26, 2013

No problem! I’m here to help!

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — August 27, 2013

Could you tell me what the meaning of “Plano” and Rx in glasses prescription, pls?

Comment by PHAN DANG LONG — August 27, 2013

Luv ur ophtho book Mr.Root..waiting to download ur root dictionary..

Comment by Rajan — August 27, 2013

Dear Dr Root,
We are completing the development of an educational “App”, which will be used to educate ophthalmologists on which laser modality is best suited to which type of patient and which type of glaucoma.
We would like to ask for your permission to include your excellent educational video on “How to perform a Laser Iridotomy” to illustrate one of the laser (by respecting your copyright stipulations).
Could you sent me an email so that I could give further details about this app?
Thank you very much in advance,

Comment by Aurélie — August 27, 2013

@PHAN DANG LONG: “Plano” means zero glasses prescription (clear glass). “Rx” means “prescription” and is commonly used on prescription pads of paper.

To better understand the components of a glasses prescription, you may want to watch my Introduction to Optics lecture. Thanks.

@Aurélie: I emailed you about the LPI video but I can’t tell if you got it (got an out-of-office message emailed back).

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — August 27, 2013

Dear Dr. Root

I simply wish to say superb to your work. Your written lecturers and videos are like oxygen to our understanding of so many misconceptions that at least I was carrying. In fact I have learnt Retinoscopy and many more techniques to find out refractive error through your videos & lectures.

I am receiving free education from you and in turn I gave a (one year) free education to a needy unknown (to me) girl. Please accept my deepest and heartfelt thanks.

Optom (Intern) Anant Vikram Lakhotia

Comment by Anant Vikram Lakhotia — August 27, 2013

thankyou sir..

Comment by hemangi — August 27, 2013

@AnantVikramLakhotia: That is fantastic and inspiring to hear. I feel honored to make that kind of impact on anyone. Keep up the good work. You are helping to make the world a better place!

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — August 27, 2013

I need to learn how to retinascope!!!

Comment by Judy — August 28, 2013

@Judy: If you haven’t seen my retinoscopy lecture, you’ll find it here:

I gave this lecture using “positive cylinder” common in ophthalmology practices. If you are in the optometry world and use “negative cylinder” it won’t be as useful. Good luck.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — August 28, 2013

Thanku so much for this great work..keep it up doc!

Comment by asima — August 28, 2013

hie? can you please send me videos on how to use the lensometer and slip-lamp via my e-mail.I am having some difficulties with them.

Comment by alexx t chigona — September 5, 2013

Alexx, both the lensometer and slit-lamp videos are quite large (too large to email). There is a download link on each of the video pages, however. If you are using windows, just “right mouse click” on the link, and choose “save as” to save the files on your computer. Good luck.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — September 6, 2013

Dear Dr. Tim

Though I have learnt retinoscopy through your video and lecture there on positive cylinders. I would very much appreciate a similar video on -ve cylinder as well.

In India I see major number of refractive error’s result in Myopes. Hyperopes are too little in number compared to Myopes. A lecture is needed by me for better understanding.

Thanking you
Optom Anant Vikram Lakhotia

Comment by Anant Vikram Lakhotia — September 6, 2013

Anant, I’m not planning on creating a minus version of my retinoscopy lecture … that lecture took me months to create, and I’m just not smart enough to turn my mind backwards and give the same lecture using minus cylinder (I wouldn’t have the time without quiting my day job).

I HAVE seen a retinoscopy lecture given in minus cylinder before. It was a video by the famous optics ophthalmologist Dr. Guyton. He created two videos … one in plus, the other in minus.

Here is a link to Dr. Guyton’s video on minus cyl. Naturally, it is insanely expensive:

Someone uploaded the PLUS version on Vimeo here (not sure about copyright of that) to see what it looks like. Personally, I like my retinoscopy video better … but I am biased and Guyton’s version is technically more accurate in how it’s explained. Good luck in your search, and if you find a great minus-cylinder lecture online, let me know!

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — September 6, 2013

Dr.Tim, Thanks for a fast answer. I have been looking for what I asked you for a long time but without success. Though I thought – with your expertise you may just add few mins of videography in your existing loose lens retinoscopy video.

Dr.Guyton’s version is expensive and beyong my means. I may sound selfish if I still wait for your version on the topic, but I will have to wait or gather my own experience.

If I do it myself I will surely share my understanding with you. Thanks a ton.

Comment by Anant Vikram Lakhotia — September 6, 2013

@Anant: I just found the minus cylinder version here. Hope that helps!

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — September 11, 2013

your website is excellent

Comment by khodayar — September 12, 2013

Dr. Root,
Thank you so much for your videos. I am a third year medical student who recently had my ophtho elective. Watching your videos and some cataract surgeries made me love this field. You have made some great videos and I can’t thank you enough for introducing me to this field. My sincerest thanks.
If you have any advice for me in terms of ophtho residency and the future, I would love to hear from you.

Comment by Anon — September 13, 2013

Thank you so much for all of your info.
Becoming a tech as a 2nd career and late
In life would not be possible without your
help. My OMA course was fair at best so
you saved me. I am forever grateful.

Comment by Sherry Garson — September 14, 2013

@Anon: Glad to hear you’ve chosen ophthalmology as a career. Every field of medicine is tough, but I’ve personally found the eyes fascinating and the practice (especially cataract surgery) fulfilling. Good luck in your endeavors.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — September 14, 2013

dear Dr.root
I am very glad to find your website in my first year of ophthalmology residency. your work is so great and I hope to find more videos in your website.
kind regards

Comment by khodayar — September 15, 2013

Dearest Dr Root
Your website has been the go to resource for visual learners on our unit. Its been a honour to have found this jewel which not only imparts clear, consice information but also ensures the accuracy of its content.

Thank you for taking the time out to put this valuable ocean of knowlwdge together; I guess that goes to say that actions governed by right motivation ie. empowering pateints & students with FREE education, brings greater abudance of gratitude & success……

Merci Beaucoup

Comment by Trauma/ER Educator — September 19, 2013

Dear Dr. Root
Thanks for the information on September 11, 2013. I checked the video. I would still love to have it from you only. The video lecture somehow appeared to be incomplete.

Comment by Anant Vikram Lakhotia — September 20, 2013

Dear Dr Root thank you so much for all this informations just if you can make a lesson about the PLRD(predispose lesions of retinal detachment);thank you again.

Comment by Amine — September 20, 2013

Hmm … maybe some day. I’ve never heard of the abbreviation PLRD. Probably won’t be doing much on that soon … right now I’m focusing on EyeTalkRadio episodes. Thanks for commenting!

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — September 20, 2013

Dr Root, we learn in french, so there is an abbreviation: “LPDR:lésions prédisposantes au décollement de rétine”may be i’m not a good traducter but i think that you understand me.Thanks.

Comment by Amine — September 22, 2013

Great work Sir ,i realy impressed and learn alot of things from your lectures ,Alot of wishes for ur furthur success..
May you live long..

Comment by DANI — September 24, 2013

great work sir,i had few queries regarding pattern of vortex keratopathy.can you please send me some explanation regarding why whorls are formed in such keratopathies and how diagnosis can be confirmed..thank you sir…

Comment by TARUN — September 29, 2013

Dear Prof.
Thanks for your great effort
I’m from Egypt ,all your videos are being showed here
you are the best,we hope more by ALLAH’S will

Comment by M.Fouad — September 30, 2013

@TARUN: I’m not an expert at corneal keratopathies, through a certainly see a lot of amiodarone whorl/vortex keratopathy in my practice. You can find one of my videos showing this here.

You may want to run a google search on “xyz hypothesis of the cornea” to learn why these deposits form in this pattern. Good luck!

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — October 2, 2013

Dear Dr root
Thank you so much for your great help on our Young ophthalmologists. since the day i searched one of your video, i keep watching all your video every day repeatedly. you explain the difficulty thing in a very EASY way, what i learned from your video and your book is far more than my last 3 years. i am so grateful to you, i want to say thank you to you

Comment by xiuxiu — October 7, 2013

Dear prof.
Thank you so much for your great efforts.
ophthalmology with you is very easy so i suggest to make a lecture about investigations especially corneal topography and oct; if you have free time
Thank you

Comment by M.Fouad — October 8, 2013

Dr Root,
I’m new to your news letter.I really want to say it’s a privilege knowing there’s someone out like you to help upcoming optometrist like I am.Please sir I just got into an optometry school and I need you to help me out with the various lectures you think I should get started with and growing with in my profession. My friends need to know why I do exceptionally well in class and I’ll be glad to introduce my prof to them. Godbless your good works Sir, I await your response to get myself started.THANK YOU!

Comment by Martins — October 18, 2013

@M.Fouad – thanks for commenting. not sure if I’ll ever get around to corneal topography or OCT, but maybe someday.

@Martins – thank you for commenting and hope your optometry studies go well. I’m not sure what the most appropriate lectures you’ll need for your studies, but I’m guessing my intro to optics and slit-lamp exam lectures would be a good starting point.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — October 19, 2013

Absolutely fantastic. As a patient trying to understand what has happened to my eyes, I have found your explanations, videos, etc. invaluable. There is simply not time for a medical professional to begin to explain the complexities of ocular movement disorders during an exam. Thank you very much for what has to have been, in no small part, a labor of love!

Comment by Kay — November 4, 2013

I’m a italian graduate student in ophthalmology (fourth year)
Thank you so much for your great efforts!!!!

Comment by Valentina — November 10, 2013

Dear sir,
I am very happy to see and enjoy your books and website.
And now, I am searching the low vision topic. Would you like to send me some information about the low vision, logMar chart and how to use it. Thank you so much. I am looking forward to you.
Best regards.

Comment by PHAN DANG LONG — November 12, 2013

Thank you for your great informations We expect more

Comment by Samia — November 20, 2013

Hi Dr. Root,

Question: Could a Restor lens implant that was not properly stabilized, (missing zonules), cause a feeling of a foreign eye sensation at approx. 3:00 in the eye? Evidently lens was loose.

Comment by norma mclaughlin — November 30, 2013

Norma, I doubt that your Restor implant is causing a foreign body sensation. There aren’t really any sensory nerves inside the eye, other than some nerves in the iris. Inflammation of the iris can sometimes occur if the implant is rubbing on the back surface of the iris … but in my experience, this kind of “iritis” causes more eye ache and sensitivity of light.

More likely, you are suffering from post-surgical neuralgia. This is common and hopefully will improve with time as the corneal nerves heal. Ultimately, however, these are better questions for your surgeon or another eye doctor who can look at your eye under a microscope.

Comment by Timothy Root, M.D. — December 7, 2013

Thank you so much :) I almost feel guilty watching and reading all this for free :O ;) You gotta great sense of humor too! Hats off Doc!

Comment by Guhan — December 14, 2013

Dear Dr. Root,
Thank you so much, sir for these wonderful video lectures. Thank you for all the efforts you put in. i hope apart from becoming a good doctor, I am also able to do something like this in future.
Tasqeen Momin

Comment by Tasqeen Momin — December 18, 2013

Thank you thank you thank you for speaking plain English! You have eased my own study induced headaches hahaha

Comment by Fatima — January 18, 2014

Dear Dr Root, You are such a great teacher! Thank you so much for your great efforts. I will definitely recommend your site to my colleagues!

Comment by Australian med student — January 20, 2014

Thank you so much for your amazing web site. It is very easy to understand.
Just wanted to say that everyone here thanks you for the useful material and I shall say A MASSIVE THANK YOU TO YOU FOR THIS GREAT SERVICE TO ALL STUDENTS AND DOCTORS.
I am a medical student and actually I was told about your website by an Ophthalmologt specialist who found your treasure and loved your work.
Could I just add that you are VERY VERY VERY GOODLOOKING AS WELL ! This is something that not anyone has appreciated but I do !
May you stay young , happy , healthy and gorgeous forever Doctor ;) xxxxxxxxx

Comment by :D — January 27, 2014

I am glad to be a part of this and can’t figure out what may be causing neuro-toxicity. My Superior Oblique muscle constantly twitches and the pupil of my eye constantly gets slightly bigger and smaller for no reason. It is not related to the light or moving my head. It is just continuous I also have weakness I my arms and legs. The neurologist said I had Superior Oblique Myokemia and the MRI shows the old head closed head injury of 1985 that put me in a coma for 2 weeks. I need to find a specialist that will do all test to rule out other medical problems that can cause this. But I am glad to find this Web site.

Comment by Julie Ruengert — February 3, 2014

Thank you very much!The best teacher ever!

Comment by Tony Chou — February 15, 2014

Hello dear doctor I’m biggest fan of yours.your work helping me a lot. thanks.I need to know how to do jcc practically.

Comment by Sadiya — February 17, 2014

hello doc i may have done something wrong as i have not been getting anything for months on the page where people talk about this unless they all got cured and i am the only one who hasnt thanks matt

Comment by matt griffiths — October 14, 2014

Make an app

Comment by Shanshan Yan — December 5, 2014

Great website! I absolutely love all of the very detailed information you provide. Thank you so much for your work! I look forward to any upcoming information.

Comment by Linda Benitez — December 19, 2014

hi doc i get nothin new for ages and i dont know what is wrong cept maybe the one page is to big make it into pages and it may help .. i hope i get new posts soon thanks matt

Comment by matt griffiths — February 12, 2015

hi doc i still got no new posts come thru what have i done wrong here to get nothin thanks matt

Comment by matt griffiths — February 21, 2015


Comment by matt griffiths — March 9, 2015

hi doc sorry bout this but i still got nothin new in posts on the site for a long time what can i do as i miss reading these thanks matt

Comment by matt griffiths — March 14, 2015


Comment by matt griffiths — March 22, 2015

its still not workin for me doc what is goin on and how do i or you fix it thanks matt

Comment by matt griffiths — April 3, 2015

comon doc help me will ya i miss not bein able to get the peoples feedback and stuff since february can ya help me thanks matt

Comment by matt griffiths — April 6, 2015

hey doc i still get nothin new since february what is going on can ya help me as i love this site thanks matt

Comment by matt griffiths — June 6, 2015

Where have you been all my life? I am a nurse at a mainly eye out patient surgery center and it has been difficult to educate new employees to this specialty. Thank you so much for your efforts! Stefanie

Comment by Stefanie — March 21, 2016

Thank you for all your nice and informative lectures ‘,l ‘d like you to introduce a lecture about squint on proffisional level

Comment by Ohoud saad — March 22, 2016

Very impressive – great webpage and content! Thank you and greetings from Linz, Austria :)

Comment by Clemens Kaindlstorfer — April 7, 2016

Excellent website! Contains very useful course material for the students and teachers. I have a question. Is there any difference between a Vision Care Clinic and a Vision Care Centre (Vision Centre). Thank you and all the best.

Comment by Dr. V.S.Mehrotra — April 10, 2016

I just loved the book..
The way u explain it is awesome it helps me a lot in my clinical practice.thankq so much and looking forward to learn more n more …

Comment by shezan mohiyuddin — May 2, 2016

your website and collection of videos and books are excellent , make us so much easier to grasp the ophthalmology. thank you so much. kamal shrish Butwal, Nepal.

Comment by kamal shrish — May 12, 2016

Hats off to you for your effort,knowledge, sense of humour and last but not the least not being business minded.

Comment by Sujatha — July 27, 2016

THANK YOU Soooooooooooo much Sir.I’m so glad I found you.Your books and lectures are by far the most incredible.YOU ARE THE BEST SIR.Wish you a Happy,Healthy & Successful life Sir.Thank you soooooooooo much once again Sir.

Comment by A — August 6, 2016

i appreiate your your video teaching materials especially the slit lamp examination video because it really helped me in my c#2 opthLmology attachment and i hope your book which i wil start reading by today will also help me.finally i thank you for your devotion. Eskinder,from University of Gondar,Ethiopia

Comment by Eskinder Girmachew — August 31, 2016

just want to say thank you to Dr.Tim Root.

Comment by Linh — October 25, 2016

This is fabulous, thank you for your time!

Comment by Caroline Vloka — October 27, 2016

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